Here’s what some of our other customers had to say:

April 2017

I feel that from the beginning to the end it was very smooth and straightforward, and we were kept in the loop well. Claire was my main contact.

Mrs Staunton, a happy tenant

The communication has been supportive and understanding from the agents, and since moving in, things have been sorted efficiently for us.

Mr Slater, a happy tenant

For us, what we really liked about Claire Lloyd Properties was that we were treated as people rather than a credit score. The staff did not judge us at all, they just wanted to help and support us unlike other estate agents. Everyone in the branch seemed to pull together at each stage of the process, no matter what.

Mr Bush, a happy tenant

Overall the service has been great. The team are friendly and accommodating, and the move was smooth and efficient, it was possibly the quickest move ever!
Amy was my main contact in person and over the phone, and Glenda was the agent communicating via emails.

Mr Rolfe, a happy tenant

The whole team were helpful and efficient. Claire was my main point of contact, and I was happy with the communication.

Miss Ball, a happy tenant

Overall, it has been generally very good service from Robert; there are no issues or complaints at all!

Mr Mackintosh, a happy tenant

March 2017

Beverley has been my main contact, I have been very happy and any queries are always answered straightaway.

Mr Baldry, a happy tenant

The overall service has been very good. In particular, I feel the staff are very responsive. Any problems are always addressed, and I am always very pleased.
Glenda and Robert have been my main contacts recently, although I have not needed much contact.

Mrs Bevans, a happy landlord

For us, what we really liked about Claire Lloyd Properties was that we were treated as people rather than a credit score. The staff did not judge us at all, they just wanted to help and support us unlike other estate agents. Everyone in the branch seemed to pull together at each stage of the process, no matter what.

Mr Bush, a happy tenant

I have been very happy with Claire Lloyd so far, the service has been brilliant.

Mr Barbet, a happy tenant

Very happy with the service received from the lettings team. Happy with the contact I have had with Amy.

Mrs Tevesz, a happy tenant

I have used Claire Lloyd for a very long time, and always find their services to be very good and helpful. All the staff are very good!

Mrs Tarar, a happy landlord

February 2017

The service is fantastic and I feel it was all handled very well.

Mr Ashton

Mr Ashton, a happy landlord

All went great with the move in process. I have not heard anything since the tenants moved in but I assume everything went okay.

Mr Dickinson, a happy landlord

Everything was perfect with the service from Claire Lloyd. The whole team were very good, I was very pleased.

Mr Presley, a happy landlord

I am very happy with the overall service, it is fantastic. Glenda or Beverley are my main contacts.

Mr Botello, a happy landlord

Everyone we spoke to was really helpful and really understood we were keen to get in the property as soon as possible, and did everything they could to make that happen.

Miss Napoltano, a happy tenant

Everybody has been really nice, helpful, and responsive, and I’ve had absolutely no problems what so ever.

Mrs McCool, a happy tenant

January 2017

I have used Claire Lloyd for a while now, and always found the service good.
I receive prompt replies, and I fell they marketed the property well. They have selected good clients for me too.

Mr Read, a happy landlord

I have been happy with the service, and as far as I know the tenants are happy too. So far, it is all great!

Mr Burley, a happy landlord

I am happy with everything with the service, I have used them before and the flat is very good, Beverley has been my main contact, and I would highly recommend them.

Mr & Mrs B, happy tenants

Everyone was really helpful and everything was done in an orderly and good fashion. I mainly dealt with Rob and Beverly.

Miss Rodriguez, a happy tenant

I feel that the team always respond to emails, and are there at the end of the phone.

Eve, a happy tenant

I feel the team looked after me well whenever there were any problems, and everything was always well dealt with.
Everybody in the team is really good,!

Louis, a happy landlord

December 2016

The recent service has been excellent, and I cannot complain about anything at all. Robert was very professional, and the score reflects the service from him.

Mr Rush, a happy landlord

I think the main reason for my score is that I really trust the people in the office and the job they do. All of the team do a great job!

Mr Scoble, a happy landlord

Everything has been god overall, and we are really happy with the service!

Mr Weaver, a happy landlord

The service overall has been very good, and there are no issues at all!

Mrs Hallam, a happy landlord

There has been no problem with the service. You always respond really quickly to any questions we have, and overall it was a very smooth process.

I have mainly dealt with Beverly and Glenda and they have both been amazing.

Ms Magocsi, a happy tenant

The team have all been brilliant, I found them really helpful, considerate and understanding.

Mrs T, a happy landlord

November 2016

I have to say that I found pretty much everything fantastic! The team are so polite and happy, and explained everything well to us. We couldn’t have been happier with the service!

Sophie & John, happy tenants

So far, we are really pleased and I feel that on the whole things are really good,
We were fortunate in finding tenants so quickly, and find that everyone is on the ball; we never have to ask anything more than once.

Andrew, a happy landlord

Everything has been going very smoothly with our new tenants. They whole team at ClairecLLoyd are very efficient, and all is absolutely fine – a very different service to what we have received from other agents in the area.

Danny, a happy landlord

We have just changed tenants, and I feel that Claire Lloyd pulled out all the stops to make sure we have the right tenants in ur property, which is the most important thing for us as we don’t live in the county. The team within the branch are really good – Nicky deals with us most of the time but everyone who we chat to is very friendly and helpful.

Rachel, a happy landlord

All went very well with the move in, thank you! Nicky is excellent, and I feel that she handles things very well.

Marian, a happy landlord

There have been no problems at all to speak of at all; the service progressed like clockwork! I have mainly been dealing with Nicole, she is always able to answer any questions I have very quickly.

Paul, a happy tenant

All I can say is the service has been perfect!! Kerry and Amy were the main staff I spoke with- they really listened and understood my concerns as a first time landlord. I can’t recommend the team enough to anyone who is in a similar position to me.

Jayne, a happy landlord

I am always very pleased with the servcie that I receive from Claire Lloyd.
All is done very well, and I find Nicky very good. All the girls I have spoken to within the branch are very helpful.

Barrie, a happy landlord

Amy has been very friendly and helpful, and she did everything I asked with no problems. She was spot on and I cannot fault anything.

Christie, a happy tenant

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